2. Arcade Fire at the Verizon Center

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    Send us your best urbanism #didyouknow, and we just might include it in this series!

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    A tornado full of tumbleweed that is on fire. It’s as if satan is making an entrance.

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    All Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone traced to a healer

    AFP: Doctors in Sierra Leone have tracked all 365 of the country’s Ebola deaths back to a single healer, who claimed to have special powers to heal the disease. As the sick traveled across borders to visit her, she died and the disease spread

    Photo: (AFP/AFP/File) - Local residents are seen at a market in Kenema, Sierra Leone, on August 16, 2014


  7. For all the protesters out there:


    If you aren’t aware, cops love to destroy the phones of people who record them. 

    So next time you’re in a situation where you are recording an officer and fear for the safety of your video evidence, try using the Bambuser app.

    It uploads your video online to your Bambuser account while you record it. You can also stream the video live. This way your videos are saved online, safe from the hands of the uniformed pigs. 

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    Three-year-old Nino sits in an Ebola isolation center in a closed school on August 14, 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. (John Moore/Getty Images)

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    What is it like to be keenly intelligent and to care deeply about science and animal life—but to feel absolutely alienated from even the simplest human emotions and interactions? In one of Atul Gawande’s favorite pieces from the archive, Oliver Sacks asks what Temple Grandin’s experiences can tell us about the enigma of autism.

    Photograph by Laura Wilson.

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    In the Details | Peter Capaldi

    A panoply of eccentric biographical data re: The New Doctor Who.

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    Edward the gentleman in this now famous image has requested that no one buy shirts with his image.

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    Some Amazing Vintage Pics Of Artists And Their Cats

    Yes, YES. I feel the Tumblr running through me. I know what the Sacred And Doomful Internets require of me, and I will deliver it posthaste, masters.

    You desire cats and vintage pictures of movie studs and artists, correct? BEHOLD- I BRING THE BOTH UNTO YOU.

    Anyway, here are some vintage photos of famous people and cats. You love it.

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