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    Chris Pratt is handling his SNL-hosting responsibilities well… for the most part.

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    At my auto, I told Misha that last year I was able to tell him that he helped me recover from self harm and having an eating disorder. (I also cried at him, and he hugged me.)
    This year I told him that he and his character gave me the courage to transition. He fist bumped me. I told him I was 19 days on T and he asked what it would do. “My voice will get lower and I’ll grow facial hair..” He reached out and said “May I?” before stroking my cheek like he would J2. “Nah man, you got nothing yet.” After he signed “James, good luck on your journey” he shook my hand.
    When I walked up for my op he said “ok, yes”. I told him to look like a crazy barber and he did this.
    Usually after they snap it, you’re done. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back and looked in my eyes. “Congratulations. I read your letter.”

    The most validating weekend ever. The Supernatural fandom is the best.

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    Haven is a smart lock for your home that is installed at the base of your door inside your house so that when locked it rises up to prevent intruders.


    Perfect for your office door.

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    Samuel L. Jackson Performs Slam Poem About “Boy Meets World”

    This is the best thing to ever happen in the history of things.

    Feeling a bit poetic on this #TBT? Here’s Samuel L. Jackson performing a slam poem about “Boy Meets World”!


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    Bending reality,Laura Plageman

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    Click here to watch Stephen Colbert react to President Obama’s so-called “latte salute.”

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    One of the best to ever put on the pinstripes takes his final bow in the Bronx. 

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    Derek Jeter’s last game at shortstop had a fairy tale ending. 

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    I tried to make my shelves rainbow which kinda failed and I gave up halfway through because there were too many books. Now I’m stuck with a pile of books on the floor and a few empty shelves…I’m going to put them all back into order now. 

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